Monday, February 5, 2007

Level 70

So hey everyone, I finally managed to ding 70 last night, so grats to mee!

I haven't had much time to do much else since then, apart from tend to the most pressing dilemma of any newly minted level 70... ebon, golden or snowy? Unfortunately with only three choices for all of the Alliance, there isn't a whole lot of room for individuality, but I chose the ebon birdie just in case anyone cares. It wasn't an easy choice though, I must admit. Not that it matters much. At 100g a piece, I could own all three if I really wanted.

The big moment came upon a quest turn in at Area 52, since I'd just turned to questing there after having spent some time delving fairly deep into some of the more involved quest chains in Shadowmoon Valley. The quests down there were getting... cumbersome, whereas I just need a few simple quests I could knock out fast to put me over the top.

Much gnashing of teeth in the household the past few days over events in Blade's Edge and beyond. Zanzola, Moonsita (from Dragonblight US) and myself have often found ourselves cursing our bad luck until it became apparent that luck had little to do with it. Every time we seem to go anywhere, we get jumped.

Mobs to the left! Mobs to the right!

I have no idea where they come from, but they're invariably appear from out of nowhere every time I seem to engage anything. Now I'm no noob, or at least not exceptionally so. One thing about playing a mage is that a lazy or sloppy mage is often a dead mage. Sure, I kill fast, but I go out of mana fast and die fast too. I've long ago learned to proceed with caution and always leave my backside as safe as possible, but it's often just not enough to do so. Nowadays I often find myself in a flurry of sheeps, frost novas, blinks and/or generally screaming in terror as five mobs try to chase me down and eat me. Crazy stuff, but it's sort of fun I guess, once the cursing subsides. :D


Anaea said...

Hi Ambril! Just saw your new sig and link - grats on 70!

Ambril said...

Thanks Anaea! Hope all is well for you and MoMiT. :)