Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Making Friends out of Enemies

I do so love my turtle poly spell. It's the one true irreplaceable treasure I took away from level 60 end game. I suspect not many more mages who do not already have it will have the fortune of obtaining it, unless Blizz decides to give it to everyone.

A favorite passtime of mine has often been to turn one of the rats near the entrance to the AH in Stormwind into a turtle, since low level humans simply cannot resist the urge to stab a cute little turtle. Every time invariably, I would watch as some unwitting victim of my amusement would catch a glimpse of the odd little creature, eye it suspiciously for a moment and then proceed with a good "HYAH!" to bonk it, at which time it would turn into a dead rat before their eyes. Lowbies are so funny, and so predictable too. One time a level 5 mage stabbed one and failed to actually kill it... a level one rat. Watching the wounded critter run for its life was simply hilarious, as I revelled over how it had managed to survive. I tried to re-polymorph it so that it could regen its health, but the mage was too quick and managed to finish it off. Poor little turtle-rat.

Then people began sending me tells for Deadmines runs and handouts, so I ported the hell outta there! Stormwind is the true "Lower City". haha

Today, an un-guilded level 70 warrior sent me a tell asking if I wanted to run a 5-man Onyxia. Hmmm, yeah that sounds unattractive on so many levels. No offense to the guy, but... yeah. Definitely a first though.

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