Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nerf Botanica Respawn

Yesterday, a group of us wound up calling a Botanica run on Warp Splinter, without ever actually killing the big tree. Because he was too hard? Nah. In fact, nothing in the instance had seemed particularly hard and we had one-shot killed every boss up to Warp Splinter, in spite of the fact that only one of us had really been there before. We did have to reset the Warp Splinter fight though, because our priest and someone else was dead (so barring the ability to reset we would have wiped, given). Still sort of figuring out how best to manage the adds with the class balance we had.

The true problem was, when the people who'd died returned to the instance, there were... freakin' respawns. Not having a warlock to summon them to us, a couple of us headed back to maybe help clear what had repopped, only to find that respawn extended all the way to the first bosses spot already, and was continuing to fill in the instance quickly. And not just little bits of respawn either. Full freakin' packs of mobs. Pretty much everything was coming back.

What the hell?!?!?

I mean, it's not even like we were caught in a wipefest where respawn would predictably an issue. We'd moved quickly and had killed every boss on our first attempts. Seriously, that's just not cool.


Thank you for listening.


Anaea said...


They listened!

Ambril said...

Oh good! I suppose I can settle down then. :D