Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reason #1 for not taking a level 70 mage to your lower level instance

An interesting thing happened the other day ~ as I was in Slave Pens assisting a real life friend who had recently transferred a level 60 paladin to Aerie Peak. I was assisting him along with my other real life friend Zanzola as well as knocking out a very old quest in there (it was the 'find the four guys between Slave Pens and Underbog quest ~ that while I had been Slave Pens several times now on Heroic Mode, I simply could never justify asking a heroic group to do the extra clearing to the one guy so I could complete some level 67 quest cluttering up my log book).

We'd picked up two other players, who were both from the same guild and both warriors. Now, before you suspect this is going to turn into some 'OMG this PUG was so bad lol' rant, it isn't. They were pretty nice guys. It might be worth noting that they were levels 64 and 62 though. 62 might have been a bit low, but we had a level 70 mage (me) and a level 70 priest (Zan), so it's all good.

We get late in the instance and on some of the bigger pulls there are these naga who... mind control. Now, I've seen a fair bit of mind control in The Burning Crusade so far. Most notably on the Blackheart the Inciter fight. It's annoying, as all spell casters probably know, because while mind controlled you blow all your mana on the dumbest things. If I had a dime for every time I've just stood in the middle of nowhere casting Blizzard on no one, I'd have like a buck and a half now. I'd have to say that apart from the occastional 6k pyroblast or something, I'm surprisingly harmless while mind controlled most of the time. I'll Icelance you for 200 damage, switch my mage shield spell three times and then bonk you with my staff like a crazy person.

Hilarity ensued when one of these naga mind controlled me and I watched in mild horror as my Arcane Power ability got popped and I proceeded to aoe my poor group of level 62-64 plate wearers for devastating amounts of damage. I was shocked. We're talking 900 points of damage per tick of blizzard on our tank. I quite literally killed the whole group (with the exception of Zan) with a single spell. Our tank laughed it off, as I guess we all did, and told me "You're pretty powerful", which I suppose is not entirely untrue when compared to someone a few levels lower than me... I just wish my spells were nearly that powerful against the monsters! Good lord, haha.


Anaea said...


Nerf mages! :-P

Anonymous said...

Well, guess your group gets lucky most of the time... last time I got mind controlled, I sheeped the healer, fireballed the tank and one of the other DPSers, both crits since Combustion was up, and then used Evocation so I could start hitting them again (lucky me, wore off right at the end of evocation)

Ambril said...

Sheeping the healer was probably about the best thing that could have happened. :D

But yeah, any and all (non-trinket) cooldowns you have up... immediately gone. I AP/PoM Pyroblast people fairly often, which can put someone on the floor pretty easily sometimes. :/