Monday, March 19, 2007

What to talk about!

This morning I had it in my mind to talk about Burning Crusade itemization in the 'post-epic' environment and while I feel this is (potentially) a fascinating topic, I eventually just sort of woke up and realized as I sometimes do that things I find of utmost interest while I'm still half asleep seems less so once I've woken up. I suppose I play quite a bit, when 'WoW itemization' is the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning. o_O

So yeah, it's been a fairly eventful past few days for me as I've levelled cooking up to 225 and alchemy up to 360 (I just picked it back up) and have radically altered my spec from deep frost to arcane/fire. The change in spec is, of course, a topic I happen to have had a lot of opinions about lately, but I guess I won't talk about it here at this moment since I've spent time talking about it in other channels and fear the redundancy of talking it all out again. I am surprised by how well I'm handling the loss of my 'safety blanket' (ice barrier), but truth is, I always used it far, far more often than I actually needed it.

I am now, however, able to understand how fire mages come to be so partial to it. You have a wider array of spells at your disposal of varying strength and cast time and, well, that's a good thing. You can mix and match, change up the pace of your dps as called for. As a frost mage, it's pretty much just... frostbolt, frostbolt and... frostbolt again for good measure. Tried and true, but perhaps not always enough... The arcane tree (of which I am specced 40 points in now) provides for not only a greater mana pool and mana effeciency, but also the ability to burst hard ~ much harder than deep frost spec really can (arcane/fire and arcane/frost are both good in this respect). With our newly added aggro-wipe ability, speccing for the occasional unbridled threat burst is a little more forgiving, provided one knows well enough to use it wisely ~ or falls upon it in execution range to simply get the kill done (finished off Warp Splinter with an AP/PoM Pyroblast just tonight, as a matter of fact). After that, the only concern is to meter out the use of one's mana enough to last upwards of ten minutes of combat.

Okay, enough babble for me tonight. Time for bed, and dreams of... itemization, I suppose. haha

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