Saturday, April 21, 2007


Addendum to the previous post: it would appear that the Elixir of Empowerment will actually be classified as a 'guardian' elixir? I'm not sure I follow the reasoning behind that since it's only purpose is to help you do more damage, but I'll take it if that's the case.


Ordinarily, something like this wouldn't warrant attention, but it was particularly ridiculous. A level 19 dwarf asking me for gold cited needing money to buy a tabard. But the thing was... he was wearing a tabard at the time. I pointed this out to him and he proceeded to take it off before my very eyes and insist that he wasn't.

Sheesh people. ;)


Yangyan said...

LOL!! That's screwed up so badly.

Anaea said...

I've been looking for something like the Elixir of Empowerment since I started reading the strats for Kara.

The way I'll be using it, and perhaps Blizz was thinking the same thing when they classified it as a Guardian Elixir, would be to make up for a +spell penetration gear deficiency. That stat can help (a lot) with my mind controls breaking early in, say, Botanica.

As a healer I don't gear for either +hit or +penetration, and it definitely shows when I'm required to bust out the cc abilities. An elixir is just the sort of thing I can use in those situations, rather than having to remember to bring along my DPS (ha!) set.

I wish I knew of something that affected +hit though - I've read that that's the stat to stack when you're talking about Holy spells like, oh, shackles on Moroes. What I wouldn't give for a little more reliability on those. :)

Ambril said...

Yeah, spell hit is what determines if something is going to resist your Shackle.

It goes something like this...
Monster level
Same as yours = 4% chance to miss/reisist
1 level higher = 5% chance to miss/resist
2 levels higher = 6% chance to miss/resist
3 levels higher = 17% chance to miss/resist
4 or more levels higher = just forget about it