Sunday, May 6, 2007

Elixir of Major Firepower Too Expensive

This isn't really new news. I specifically chose to be a Scryer most specifically so that I could learn to make the Elixir of Major Firepower for myself, but the sad thing is, I rarely ever even use it. Why is this? Simply because it is too expensive to make. I do use a firepower elixir, but it is the Greater Elixir of Firepower. The level 60 version. Obviously, the Scryer's version is more powerful and the duration is twice as long, but is it really worth it? Well, I've made the decision that under most circumstances it is not. The duration is irrelevant since most elixirs are really only practical/needed as some measure of helping to avert a wipe, where a wipe is possible (ie. boss fights). Under these circumstances, an elixir is quite often unlikely to make it to the 30 minute mark, much less an hour. So what you really have is one elixir that gives 25 more spell damage (in it's current pre-alchemy nerf form) at a ridiculously higher price.

The major sticking point is this... 3 motes of fire for a single Major Firepower pot. To be perfectly honest, this kind of sucks. Fire elementals are a major headache to farm as a fire mage before you even consider how overfarmed they are by a wide array of classes for various crafting reasons, the low number of spawns available in farmable areas and the annoyingly low drop rate of the motes. I prefer to buy them (which further explains my reluctance to use this pot), which average about 6g for 3 motes, at a "good" price. Even before considering the other mats, in a situation where you are trying to learn new bosses, you are dropping upwards of 8g per wipe on this elixir alone.

Sort of trivializes the much bemoaned repair costs, doesn't it? All this stuff can add up (which is why I'm glad for the coming changes).

By comparison, for a single Greater Firepower pot (which I buy all of the mats for off the AH), it will cost me about 30 silver on Firefin Snapper and 45 silver on Firebloom to make an elixir with over 2/3rds the potency of the Scryer version that costs around 8 gold in mats to make. The Elixir of Major Firepower simply isn't worth it in any situation where you anticipate it might take more than one or two attempts to kill a boss and considering that I like to carry 10-20 of any given elixir on me at all times, the price disparity is simply too much for someone who likes to be prepared at all times.

By comparison, those who use the frost and shadow magic equivalents are much better off, as they are simply less expensive (the frost one only takes 2 motes of water instead of 3 and the shadow one does not require any motes of anything and are oddly cheaper/easier to make than the old level 60 equivalent, which was admittedly too expensive as well). Come the patch, Adept's Elixir may very well become the way to go, for me personally. It's a good potion at a reasonable price.


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