Friday, April 6, 2007


So what to say about the World of Warcraft forums… they are an endless source of comedy of various kinds, that much is for sure. I suppose different people read them seeking their entertainment in different ways. Personally, I do not much care about them, but I do read them mostly because I am at work and perhaps being a little lazy. I like to say things when the moment so moves me, but try to keep my hands clean too in order to avoid being baited and trolled by other bored people who are more inherently devious. What fascinates me most are the unique "cultures" that you find amongst them. Different forums have different purposes, and as such, have slightly different "cultures". Overall what you're really getting though, is the 10,000 foot view, at which people lose their individuality in some respects and assimilate into an amorphous mass of raving loonies and crybabies.

Or at least that's how people seem.

It's often noted how it is the sort of environment that can bring out the worst in people. I'm not so sure that's true though… you simply don't really know who they are. One person who seems to be "crying" about something or another may not really be crying, may not be half as bothered as you think they seem. Just for example. The "culture" of players changes when you get into the game itself. Yes, these are the same people ~ but it can be easily said that I can walk through Ironforge or Terrokarr without being assualted by people yelling, screaming and crying or stirring drama. People don't engage in that behaviour half as much as the forums leads one to believe. The people who create real problems really tend to be more of a minority than people begging for money in Stormwind.

Things become even more… reasonable when you get into a guild. Particularly if you ever get on vent with anyone, they become normal people. They have jobs and spouses and responsibilities and things. But if you go back to the forums, to the 10,000 foot view… whoah, things are weird out here.

On a lighter note, here are a couple of the more humorous things I found today:
Someone in the Mage forum is tired of looking "ridiculous" (his word) because his outfit of miscellaneous epic gear isn't very flattering. Now wasn't there a machinema video with a song where a male (mage) sang about having to wear a dress? It's hilarious though, and true!! I totally want his staff though. He is actually pretty well geared.

The bugs forum has some pretty good stuff if you sift through it. Various bizarre things that happen to people. It can really be pretty funny.
In this thread, someone has a concern about relogging dismounted while in the air:

Since I hit 70 I've nearly always logged out on my flying mount, straight up from wherever I happened to be.

Two times now I've logged in and found myself dismounted and falling. Being a hunter one of these falls was fatal due to having to fly so damn high to unsummon my pet.

Haha!! I'm sorry, that's just hilarious. :D

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