Thursday, May 31, 2007


One of the rare "good" threads on the WoW General Forums asks What Was Your first "Wow" Moment in WoW? (I didn't actually catch this, but caught wind of it via WoWInsider). I suppose I've had quite a few ~ many similar to the ones most often cited. Modest ones, the ones that got you going and kept you going even back before you knew you'd be able to get a mount at level 40.

But in all my time of WoW, and even though I've seen cooler things since (like the AP Eranikus event), there is really the one moment that stands out most for me (and for many other I'm sure), even moreso than the "oh sh!t, what are we gonna do" first peek at Majordomo Executus (which was on the same very late night):

(My old warlock on Dragonblight)
One of the best gaming experiences ever right there. :D

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