Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Gems in 2.1 are the Best Raiding Caster Gems Yet

While recent aquisitions and changes to the stuff I am wearing recently have allowed me to make some significant improvements to many performance enhancing stats, one thing that I am now finding myself a little hurting for is perhaps the most important one for a raiding mage: spell hit. Quite specifically, I've lost about 40 spell hit rating which amounts to about a loss of 3% to hit with my spells. Some would argue that the amount of other stuff I've gained more than makes up for this and they're most likely right. But it certainly doesn't mean I should neglect that stat. I need to come up with ways to compensate.

All in all, spell hit can be a little lean to come by, mainly because there's a ceiling on how much you can benefit from. Anything more than +16% is completely wasted. Factor in that there are class talents that improve spell hit rating, the need to stack in on gear is lessened even more. Still the fact remains that while fighting a Boss, spell hit alone provides the stiffest penalties or gains, particularly if you a caster who is committed to long cast time nukes. Every time one of my fireballs miss, that is a full 3 seconds of dps completely lost. This can be a big deal on certain boss fights where the amount of time you get to dedicate to dpsing the boss is limited and literally counted in seconds.

One stroke of genius came in the patch in the form of new gems. Specifically, spell hit gems. A sorely, sorely needed addition, particularly now that I really sort of need them.

Great Dawnstone
+8 Spell Hit Rating
"Matches a Yellow Socket."

Veiled Noble Topaz
+4 Spell Hit Rating and +5 Spell Damage
"Matches a Red or Yellow Socket."

Now the only question is, when will people start getting their hands on these designs, so I can get my mitts on a couple of them? :)

In the meantime, my dear Quagmirran's Eye (nerfed in the patch anyway) may have to take a backseat to a Scryer's Bloodgem (a compromise I'd been making for the Krosh fight already anyway).


Kablam said...

Woohoo! Finally a use for those Noble Topaz's I've been holding!

Ambril said...

Seriously. :)